Electrical, Mechanical & Construction: A to Z Facility Services, Lighted Signs, High Reach Lights, Parking Lot Equipment.
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Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Facility Trade Services.

Property trade workers for commercial, industrial and rental properties:
Restaurants, Fuel Stations, Public Facilities, Medical Facilities & Office Buildings.
Parking Lot Lighting Services. Commercial Space Fit Up and Customized Fabrications. Restaurant Lighting, Signs, Neon, Flat Screen TVs, etc.

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    Commercial and Industrial Electrical, Mechanical & Construction Contractors for: A to Z Facility Services, Lighted Signs, High Reach Lights, Parking Lot Equipment. Commercial Property Maintenance, same day or next day service.
Property trade workers for  commercial, industrial and rental properties. Real Estate Management, Fuel Station,
Public Facilities, Medical Facilities.
Parking Lot Lighting Services.  Commercial Space Fit Up and Customized Fabrications.
Restaurant Lighting, Signs, Neon, Flat Screen TVs.
... Know-How for the:  Home, Office, Business, Industry and Public Facility.
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Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens.
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 Able Group Inc. for Electrical, Mechanical & Construction Contractors for: A to Z Facility Services, Lighted Signs, High Reach Lights, Parking Lot Equipment. Commercial Property Maintenance, same day or next day service.

Facts, Photos, Costs and Plans for Every Property Concern.

Line Painting for Your Facility by Able Group Inc.

Project Scope, Mercedes-Benz Lighting 10-09.

Project Scope, Piazza Honda - Pole Lighting by Able Group Inc.

Project Scope, Shopping Center Lighting 7/26.

Project Scope, Transformer Relocation 10/02.

Project Scope, Fire Escape Removal.

Project Scope, Hazardous Gas Detection System.

Project Scope, Inverter Equipment Component Replacements.

Project Scope, Fleet Park, Eagle Express, Red Lion Road, 5-25.

Project Scope, Lighting Poles at CCP NWRC.

Project Scope, Pepper Building, Review on 9-28.

Project Scope, Kevon Center Bollard Lighting 10-16.

Project Scope, Walnut Street Gym - Laundry - Demo and Electrical 10-17.

LED for facilities surrounding the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia.

Our services are for the surrounding areas of Philadelphia only.


Three Phase, Two Phase, Power.

Lighted Sign, High Reach Serv. LED Philadelphia.

Electric Gate, Openers for parking areas.

Swaying Poles and Lighting Pole Foundation Renewal.

Rigging and Hauling by the Able Group.

Aerial Electrical Utility Cables and Power.

Thru-wall Air Conditioners, Home, Business.

Air Conditioners - Price list.

Facility Services Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC.

Apartment Utility Separations for Every Tenant.

Attic Fans, Prices and Answers.

Auditorium Lighting by Able Group Inc.

Back-Up Electrical Power Equipment.

Ball Field, Sports Field, Lighting Poles.

Barrier Arm, Lift Gate and Parking Lot.

Submersible Pump, Sewage Ejector Systems.

Converting to LED.

Auto Mechanic Workplace Contractors.

Broomall PA, Marple PA, Commercial.

Bucket Truck for Hire by Able Group Inc.

Buss Duct - Repairs and new Equipment.

Cable and Wire pullers, installers.

Car, Truck, Bus, Automobile Damage Repairs.

Commercial Facility Services.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Philadelphia.

Community Lighting, Neighborhood Lighting.

Commercial Property Maintenance.

Control Panels, Diagnostics, Repairs.

CT Cabinets, Metering Equipment.

Custom Electrical Equipment, Fabrications.

Delaware County Electrician with Bucket Truck.

Electrical Diagnostic Testing Services.

Dig Safely by The Able Group Contractors.

Driveway and Walkway Snow Melt Heaters.

Electric Baseboard Heaters.

Electric Utility Meter, are you wasting money?

Electric Snow Melting Concrete Sidewalks.

Electrical Boxes for Commercial, Industrial.

Electrical Construction - Delaware County.

Electrical Contractor Havertown, PA, 19083.

Electrical Protection.

Electrically Heated Sidewalks.

Electric Heating Units, Costs, Sizes, Types.

Electrician for the Day, Licensed, Insured.

Electronic Air Filters - costs, types.

Essential Electrical Power.

Exhaust Fans, Ventilation Equipment.

Exhibit Set-Up, Trade-Work Artisans.

Facility Response - Urgent Services.

Facility Safety Solutions and Equipment.

Fences for Transformers.

Floor Receptacles - Various Types.

Fluorescent Fixtures - Commercial Lighting.

Frayed Cable, costs and remedies.

Fuel Station Lighting Service - Delaware Valley.

Fuel Station Services.

Generators, Standby, Back Up, Electrical Power.

Heat Tracing, Freeze-Free Pipes.

Heat Pumps.

Commercial and Industrial High Bay Lighting.

Commercial and Industrial HVAC.

Industrial Power Inverter.

Industrial Services.

Facts, Photos and Costs by Able Group Inc.

Electrical Inspections.

Property Investigations for legal problems.

Commercial and Industrial LAN Wiring.

Landscape Lighting.

LED Lighting by The Able Group Contractors.

Lighting and Electrical Service Poles.

Lighted Sign Services, Electrical High Reach.

Walkway Lighting Bollards.

Commercial Property Lighting Contactors.

The LightSmith Lighting Restorations.

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Repairs.

Motor Starters, sizes, facts and prices.

Electric Motors, sizes, facts and prices.

NEMA Info, Specs and Diagrams.

Neon all around Philadelphia.

Neon, Signage and Lighting.

Occupancy Sensors.

Office Improvers LAN and Cat5 wiring.

On-Line Estimates for Every Property Concern.

Parking Lot Equipment, High Reach Service.

Paver Lights and Landscape Lighting.

PECO Electrical Deregulation, Questions.

Pipe Insulation Installers.

Parking Lot Lighting Services, Price List.

Power Poles for Mid-Floor Wiring.

Support for electrical problems.

Price List for Electrical Installations.

Quick Connect Generator.

Receptacles, Every Type, Specifications.

Recessed lighting fixtures, selections.

Reconditioned Electrical Equipment.

Renovations, Commercial Tenant Fit Up.

Restaurant Lighting, Signs, Equipment, Neon.

Restroom ventilation fans & exterior venting.

Rooftop HVAC Equipment - new installations.

Rough Wiring Electricians in Delaware County.

Electrical Safety Inspections.

Electric Service Upgrade.

Lighting Services for Shopping Centers.

Signage Services, High Reach Sign Repairs.

Sign, Banner, Flag, Poster, Display.

Snow Melting Systems Driveways, Walkways.

Speakers, Sound Systems, Electronic.

Sports Lighting, Pole Lighting, Street Lighting.

Street Lights, Community Street Lighting.

Sump Pumps - Mechanical Contractors.

Clean Power Surge and Spike Suppressors.

T5 High Output Fluorescent Lighting.

Telephone System Services.

Tenant Fit-Out, Renovation Costs.

Electricians, Installers and Constructors.

Through the Wall Air conditioners.

Transformers, New, Rebuilt, Upgrades.

Underground Electrical Power.

Utility Poles, for Privately Owned Poles.

Ventilation for Commercial and Industrial.

Water Pumping Systems.

Wattages for common items.

Wire Types, Sizes, Facts and Prices.

The Quick Responding - Electricians, Installers and Constructors for Your Property.