Project Scope:

Re-securing Parking Lot Lighting Poles







Project Notes:
Notes on
Ongoing Projects



A. Many poles have these problems:

1. Age.  Most Poles are old.

2. Lack of space below the bottom base to release moisture build up inside.

3. Missing Caps at the top.

B.  Welding for a Pole Base:
Work in the process - adding support on 4 sides.

C. Welding for Pole Base:
Work Completed with bolt cover and painting.

D. Pole Caps missing at 10 locations.

E.  Pole Caps missing at 10 locations.

F.  Diagram for the Re-installation of the downed Light Pole. 
Plan to Form and Pour a new Concrete Foundation. 

1. New base to be pulled back to allow more room for cars.

2. Pyramid shaped reinforced concrete to 30" high for additional support.  This concrete to be excavated down and adhered to the existing foundation.

3. Re-use of same pole at same height.

G. Similar project performed for a Trash Truck Parking Island. 
This job done 5 years ago.


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