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3Phase-2Phase *02 Three Phase Power for Your Equipment, Two Phase Utility Power Conversion.
Able_to_fix_it *03 Reconditioning for Non-Replaceable Items, Parts, Equipment, Collectables or Historical Heirloom.
Able_to_Relocate_It *04 Equipment Relocations, Rigging and Hauling, Construction necessary for Moving.
Aerial_Electrical_Cable *05 Aerial Electrical, High Reach Power Cables, Bucket Truck Utility Service.
Air-Conditioners_Installations *06 Through-Wall Air Conditioners, We Service and Install - Contact the Experts.
Apartment_Utility_Separations *07 Apartment utility separations for separate utilities, separate electric bills for multi-tenant properties
Auditorium_Lighting *08 Auditorium Lighting, high reach electrical services for public buildings.
Auto_EV_Charge.Point *09 Electric for Car Chargers, Auto Charge Point Certified Installations, Smart EV.
Backup_Power_Equipment_Sources *10 Back-Up Electrical Power Equipment for Your Home, Business and Office.
Ball_Field_Poles_Lights *11 LIGHTING Ball Field, Sports Field, Playground, Poles, LED.
Barrier_Arm_Lift_Gate *12 Parking Barrier Arm, Lift Gate, auto-secure card reader for drive entrance.
Big_Beam_Framing *13 Support Beams and Columns, Structural Framing for Renovations.
Builder_Advisor_Consultant *14 Builder and Advisor for Construction, Consultant for Structural Changes and Renovations.
Built_in_Carpentry *15 Built In Woodwork, Closets, Shelving, Bar, Breakfront, Bedroom, Crown Moldings.
Buss-Duct *16 Industrial Buss Duct, Repairs, Equipment, Installations, Fabrications.
Commercial_Ceilings_Construction *17 WE DO Ceilings, commercial, industrial, business, office, showroom, public building.
Commercial_Outdoor_Lighting *18 LED Lighting Selections for Public Safety.
Community_Lighting *20 Neighborhood Street Lights and Community Lighting, HOA services.
Control-Panels *21 Electrical Technician for Control Panels, Diagnostics, Repairs and Replacements. *22 LED Lighting Experts, Repair Service and Economical Conversions for Every Facility.
Custom_Electrical_Equipment *23 Able Shop Works - Custom Electrical Equipment, Design and Fabrications for any purpose.
Decks_Patios_Gazebo *24 Decks, Patios, Gazebo and Better Outdoor Living Spaces.
Diagonstic.Testing *25 Underground Locating Services, Diagnostics Electrical Testing.
DrivewayHeaters *27 Heated Driveway Snow Melt Systems for Driveway and Walkway.
Electrical.Equipment.Relocation *28 Equipment Relocations, WE HELP YOU Commercial-Industrial Rigging and Hauling.
Electric_Door_Gate_Openers *29 Electric Door and Swing-Gate Openers, Automatic Door Openers, Equipment and Service.
Electric_Gate_openers *30 Electric Gate Openers - Services automated openers, barrier arms, card readers for parking areas.
Electric_Snow_melting_for_Sidewalks *31 Snow Melting with a single switch - Systems for Concrete Sidewalks and Handicap Ramps.
Electrically_Heated_Sidewalks *32 Snow Melt - Electrically Heated Sidewalks or Walkways - WE HELP YOU.
Essential_Electrical_Power *33 Essential Electrical Power for Health and Safety.
Exhaust_Fans *34 Exhaust Fans, Ventilation Equipment, Mechanical Service for the industrial work place.
Facility_Safety *35 SAFETY Compliance - Facility Safety Solutions, Latest Equipment, Best Economics.
Fence_Electrical_Equipment *36 Protection for Electrical Equipment and Transformers, Safety Fence and Bollard Poles.
Frayed_Cable *37 Frayed Electrical Cable or exposed wires - Sending You Costs for Replacement.
Fuel_Station_Lighting *38 Fuel Station Lighting, Electrical and Mechanical - ASK US ABOUT LED Lights and Signs.
Fuel_Station_Services *39 Service for Fuel Stations, Damage Repairs, Bucket Truck and High Reach LED Lighting, Service for Signs and Equipment.
Generators *40 Generators, Services for Electrical Generators, Standby Generators, Back Up Electrical Power.
Heat_Trace_Installations *41 Heat Tracing, Freeze-Free Pipes, Information and Ready for Service at Able Group .net.
HighBayLighting *42 High Bay LED Lighting, High Ceiling Light Fixtures, Commercial and Industrial - PA, Delaware and New Jersey.
Industrial_Power_Consultant *44 Industrial Power Consultant, Commercial and Industrial Power Experts.
Industrial_Power_Inverter *45 Industrial Power Inverter, Commercial and Industrial Power Experts.
Inspections *46 Inspections for Safety and Compliance, We are Consultants for Home, Business, Industry.
LAN *47 LAN, Local Area Network, ETHERNET - WIFI, Commercial and Industrial LAN Wiring Service and Installations.
LandscapeLighting *48 Landscape Lighting for Your Ideas - WE HELP YOU.
LED *49 LED Lights for commercial, industrial, public and educational facilities, Retro-fit Conversions.
Light_Poles *50 Light Poles, High Reach Electrical Service, LED Area Lighting - Contact us.
Lighted_Sign_Services *51 Lighted Sign Services, CONTACT US for High Reach Signage, Pylon Sign Repairs by Able Group .net.
Lighting_Poles_Foundations *52 Light Pole Foundations, Experts for Lighting, Replacements of Steel and Aluminum Poles.
Lightning_Protection *53 Lighting Protection, Experts in Storm Damage Prevention, Special Equipment Here.
Mechanical_HVAC_Plumbing *54 Mechanical Services, HVAC, Plumbing, Rooftop Equipment, Sheet Metal.
Neon_Display_Lights_Signage *55 Neon Displays, LED Displays, Commercial Signage Experts and Neon Repairs.
Office_Improvers *56 Office Improvers, Custom Desks, Counters, Work from Home, Space Upgrades.
Outdoor.Kitchen *57 Outdoor Kitchen, Equipment and Service for Outside Cooking.
Parking.Lot.Lighting.Serv *58 Parking Lot Lighting Services, Get Action and Information @ Able Group .net.
Parking_Lot_Equipment *59 Parking Area Accessories and Equipment, Motorized Gates, Card Readers, Intercom by Able Group .net.
Pavers_Patios_Walkways_Lights *60 Hardscapes, Paver Walls, Patios, Walkways by The Able Group .net.
Pipe_Insulation_Installers *61 Pipe Insulation, Freeze Protection Mechanical installations for Pipe Insulation.
PoleLighting *62 Light Poles and LED Lights - Price List for Parking Lot Lighting Services.
PriceList *63 Price List for Electrical Installations by Able Group .net.
Quick_Connect_Generator *64 Quick Connect Generator, Ready for Portable Generator Power Supply.
Re-Construction *65 Re-Construction Assistance by Able Group .net
Residential_Improve_Repair *66 Residential Improvements, Repairs, Replacements and Reconditioning.
Restrooms *67 Restrooms, Maintenance and Replacements for Business Properties.
Retaining_Walls *68 Retaining Walls for Your Landscape, Driveway, Garden and Water Run-Off
ServiceUpgrade *69 Upgrade Your Electric Service, Know more about upgrading and adding circuits.
Shopping_Center_Lighting *70 Shopping Center Lighting and Maintenance Experts - Economical Solutions for Common Problems.
Signage_Services *71 Sign Repair Services, Referral Services for High Reach Signage and Neon.
Signs *72 Signs, Banners, Displays, Flags, Posters, Repairs and Installed.
Snow_Melting_Systems *73 Snow and Ice Melting Systems for Driveways, Walkways, Canopies, Flat Roof, Handicap Ramp.
SportsLighting *74 Sports Lighting, LED, all types of Poles, Foundations, Light Fixtures, high reach lighting services.
Stone.Veneer.Facade *75 Stone Veneer, Exterior Facade Make-Over, Laborers for Masonry and Concrete.
Street_Light_Services *76 Street Light Repair Service, We Fix It, LED Community Street Lighting PA, NJ, DEL.
Sump_Pumps *77 Sump Pumps and Other Water Pumping Systems - just ask us Able Group .net.
Swaying.Poles.Lighting.Pole.Foundations *78 Contact us for Swaying or Leaning Poles, Lighting Pole Foundation Renewal.
Tenant_Fit-Out *79 Tenant Fit-Out, Renovation Costs, New Tenant Space Ready for You.
Thru-Wall_High_Reach_Airconditioning *80 Through the Wall Airconditioners, Replacements and New Installations.
Transformers *81 Transformers, Transformer Vaults, Upgrades, Cleaning and Service.
Underground_Power *82 Underground Electrical Power, Primary, Secondary, Parking Lot breaks located.
Utility_Poles *83 Utility Poles, Install or Replace Privately Owned Utility Poles - Able Group .net.
Ventilation *84 Ventilation for Commercial and Industrial Properties.
Water_Pumping_Systems *85 Water Pumping Systems, Contact Able Group .net Mechanicals.
Welding.Blacksmith *86 Welding, Metal Fabrications, Blacksmith Repairs and Reconditioning.
Workers.At.Your.Service *87 Workers At Your Service, Laborers for Home, Business and Commercial Properties.

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