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  Cable and Wire Installation Services.
Yes, we are the cable pullers - low cost and trouble free.
Industrial Power, Signs, Utility Poles, Sports Lights, LAN - No Problem.
Heavy Gauge Cables up to 750 MCM Copper or Aluminum.
Splicing, Pull box, Long Distance Pulling, Conduit and Raceway.
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Pole to pole, pole to building and building to building.
Heavy tugger guys and equipment for hire. When it comes cable and wire installations,  we know all there is to know to perform economically.
We handle the tough jobs - Conduit jobs, cable installations, aerial cables and all sorts of wiring. We are licensed and experienced electricians helping anyone who needs a cable tugged in. Large commercial or industrial projects - We have cable pulling equipment to get it done. Wire pulling for residential and light commercial jobs. Multiple-cable installations, datacom cabling, aerial cable installations.

Utility Poles, Installers for Privately
Owned Utility Poles - The Able Group.

Utility Pole Work....Aerial Cable Supplies for Power and Communication.
We supply every kind of cable, utility poles, crimping and wide span hardware.
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Public Facility, Business or Shopping Complex.
When it comes to pulling cables, we are the crew for you.
The use of aerial cable systems eliminates the need for multiple-duct underground construction and its numerous associated problems, such as; extreme high cost conflicts with other underground utilities, and extended vehicle traffic tie-ups during initial construction and future expansion. The advantages of an aerial cable system are (1) the cable cannot be accidentally dug up, and (2) most of the utility cables are on transmission lines, far off the ground and only accessible by trained professionals.
When it comes to pulling cables,
We handle cable tension up to 2,000 lb. we are the Ultra Tugger crew for you. 

We are installers of conduit, cable, wire, pullers, pulling, tugger, A variety of pulling accessories is available to make pulls easier and more efficient. Basic components of most power-pulling tools include frame, power source, the capstan that pulls rope and wire, the mechanism that turns the capstan and pulling rope. Portable capstan-style pulling machine, range of positions, pipe threading. pullers come with rugged wheels, reels off of a truck. Whether it is copper or aluminum we install sizes up to 750MCM. Our Equipment, vac, string, rope, electrical cable, electrician, cable pulling machine, chain, a pulling system is only as strong as its weakest link, but pullers often use components minimal training and maintenance. Others are portable capstan-style pullers with features including multiple speeds, self-contained framework with wheels and self-tailing capstans. Evaluating cable-pulling requirements and matching them with the right cable puller can make cable installations. The pulling rope is the link between cable puller and cable being pulled, and manufacturers of pulling equipment agree using the right rope is critical to every pulling job. pulling force necessary to bring cable through the conduit with a breaking point four times greater than the maximum pulling force that can be generated by the puller is a good guideline.  Double-braided composite rope is often preferred because it stretches less and resists heat generated during an installation. Polypropylene rope should not be used because it has a low melting point and friction can cause fibers to melt and stick to the tool’s capstan. Rope with high stretching characteristics stores energy like a stretched rubber band and a component failure during a pull can unleash this energy, posing serious safety hazards. Rope must be in good condition. Accessories to make installations easier and more efficient. Most common applications are wire grips to connect cable and pulling rope, sheaves, wire carts, reel jacks to control pay out of cable off reels, cable tensions meters, and mandrels to pass through conduit before pulling cable to verify there are no blockages. In addition, pulling lubricant reduces friction and minimizes damage to cable jackets. Various lubricating products are available to fit varying needs; cream-style products are preferred by many. Correctly using a high-quality lubricant can significantly decrease pulling time. Cable puller with integrated two-speed motor and universal foot-pedal adapter has a swivel head to speed set up. Support cable and guide it during the pulling process are among the most-used pulling accessories. When used properly, sheaves can reduce setup time and make cable pulls easier. However, pipe adapter sheaves are sometimes mounted to the wrong structural members, and sometimes they are not mounted correctly. In these situations, the sheaves can be overloaded and serious accidents can result. There are only two proper use situations for pipe adapter sheaves. They should either be mounted directly to the conduit into which the cable is being pulled, or they should be attached to a mobile T-boom, which also requires an adapter sheave. Do not mount pipe adapter sheaves to a building's structural members, including beams, posts, columns, pipes, etc. This can result in an overload situation for the adapter. Do not attach pipe adapter sheaves to conduit that is less than 2 1/2 inches in diameter; smaller conduit does not have the strength to support the pulling loads. Do not attach pipe adapter sheaves to PVC or aluminum conduit; they do not have the strength to support the pulling loads.

Supply Space, Safety Zone Space, and Communications Space.
A device is described for connecting two electric aerial cables. Each aerial cable has tube, containing optical fibers, which is cabled with electric conductors and strength member. Means are provided for the mechanical and electrically conductive joining of the electric conductors and strength members of the two cables. A sealed splice carrier for receiving the spliced connections of the optical fibers comprises two concentric tubes (7, 9) with a annular gap between them. The annular gap is sealed at both ends. The optical fibers are inserted into the annular gap through apertures in the end seals (8). The spliced connections and a length of optical fibers are stored in the annular gap. The splice carrier (5) surrounds the means (21, 3) for the mechanical and electrically conductive joining and is attached to the electrically conductive joining means (3) or to the aerial cables (1).

Our High Reach Company serves the construction, commercial and industrial properties with cost effective SERVICE of Aerial Lifts and Material Handling equipment.  Our expertise is trade work at High Reach Locations for construction, logistics, shipyard, public service, and industrial sectors. 

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The National Electrical Code, bolt-on breakers, high voltage circuit breaker, GFI receptacles, grounding rods and cold water pipe grounding. Electrical safety inspections main lug panel, cadmium connectors, MC wire, SER cable, SEU cable, twist-lock, receptacle charts, wiring diagrams, install, receptacles, grounding rods, Commercial, Industrial, cadmium connectors, MC wire, SER cable, SEU cable, twist-lock, grounding, We are installers. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association, NEMA, breakers, molded case, Wide range of circuit breakers and mounting hardware from a variety of manufacturers. Manufacturer products we stock include Cutler Hammer, American, General Electric, Thomas & Betts, Siemens, Murray, Square D, Wadsworth and Zinsco, industrial electrician.


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